Venue Hunting

Plan Your Route Efficiently Next Time You Go Venue Hunting

Tube Escalator

Last week I found myself with spare afternoon in London town. A meeting I was supposed to be attending had been rescheduled so I had a few hours to kill before my next appointment. I didn't want to head home only to come back into town later and I didn't want to mooch around the shops either so I decided to arrange some last minute venue visits with hotels in London.

There were a few hotels that I had be recommended to see and others that I had been meaning to visit for a long time so I grabbed a coffee and started calling around to see if the venues could accommodate a viewing at such short notice.

Very pleased to say out of the 5 venues I called only one declined me. The summer months are a great time to go venue hunting as this is usually a quiet time for them meaning you usually get to see every room they have and the service you get from the sales teams is better whilst they are quieter. The 4 venues that I visited were fantastic and I will definitely be recommending them to my clients. That evening I went onto my next appointment buzzing as I had had such a great and productive afternoon.

However, the only issue I had - which I admit was my own fault - was that I was exhausted after traversing London 3 times to get to my next venue. When I was calling all the venues I wasn't being methodical about where they were in relation to the next. I guess I was just concentrating more on filling my afternoon with viewings. However after passing Marble Arch for the 3rd time that day I couldn't help but wonder I could have planned this better.

Next time you plan a day of venue hunting for your next event think about the following

  • The route you are going to take
  • Your mode of transport to the next venue
  • Where they are in relation to the other venues you visit

Other than the above, apart from wearing comfortable shoes, enjoy your day and I hope you find that perfect venue for the event you are planning. Alternatively if you want me to find that venue for you do not hesitate to contact me. I might already know the best venue you are looking for and if I don't then I will be more than happy to look for you - and its free of charge!