Why I don't automate my social media updates at my events

Ever had that feeling you've seen something before? Is it just a coicidence, is it de ja vous...or is it Social Media Automation?

You know what I mean? When someone,  a business or a brand you follow broadcasts the same update, same photo or same offer across all their social media news feeds, posted at exactly the same time and with exactly the same wording.

Seem a bit samey to you?

Personally I frown upon it, in my mind social media automation is the biggest give-away that your following someone a bit lazy.

What I mean when I say Social Media Automation is that thing where you "link up" your social media channels so that when you post to one it automatically posts to all of them at the same time.

Big time saver yes but not very clever and will turn your followers off you very quicky.

Social media is massively important for events. Sharing content to those who can't attend in person, promoting your event to others who may not have heard about it before and one of the easiest ways to get others talking about your event.  You want the content you're broadcasting from your event to be fresh, current and interesting.

So why shouldn't someone automate their social media feeds?


Too often the language and features that we use on a specific social media channel differs or just doesn't work on other social media channels. The @reply for example, great on Twitter or Instagram for linking to another person but if that same tweet gets sent out on Linked In it's pointless, it just looks like you've posted on the wrong site.

Hashtags as well, while useful on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for linking events again Linked In doesn't use them. I know people even now who don't understand what a hashtag is, because they're not on Twitter, so if they seem them quite often they are confused.


Lets say I follow you on all of your social media channels, if I see the same update/photo/article broadcasted accross all your channels I'm going to get bored quite quickly and think to myself I might as well only follow you on one channel if you're just going to say the same thing. What's the point in following you on all of them?

Discover what channels work best for what type of update it is. If it's an image from your event then Instragram or Facebook are the obvious choices, if its a link to details about a key note speaker or conference presenter then post on Linked In and connect to their profile or business page. If you want to send out a quick update and want people to share it then post to twitter.