Profile Pics - Giving The Best 1st Impression On LinkedIn

First impressions are everything, this is something that we are told all the way through life. From going for a job interview, going on a first date or meeting your delegates at an event, as the saying goes you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

As well as in real life at an event the same goes for your online persona, particularly on LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals.

I've been doing  lot of social media training with clients recently, particularly focussing on LinkedIn. Whilst doing some research and working with my clients I am amazed by the amount of professional profiles I have looked at who don't seem to have thought about their 1st impression when someone looks at their LinkedIn profile, and by that I'm talking about your 'profile picture'.

LinkedIn is your online curriculum vitae, it is your place online to tell people what you have done and how you can help them professionally. Along side your fantastic profile details there should be a worthy photo of you that compliments all that you have written.

For me there are a few dos and don'ts when it comes to your profile picture, following these rules will help with your online 1st impression

  1. Do use a high quality head and shoulders shot
  2. Do not use a group shot or a logo
  3. Do look professional in the photo
  4. Do Not use a photo taken of you on your holiday
  5. Do get someone else to take the photo of you
  6. Do Not use a 'selfie'

Take a look at the examples of me below and you will see how I have applied some of the rules to determine good and bad examples.









Do this right now...head on over to your profile and have a look at your profile photo. What do you think is other peoples first impression of you from your photo, apply the six rules listed above and if your picture contradicts any of the rules then you should think about changing the picture immediately.

Over to you...

What are your dos and don'ts when it comes to your online persona? What do you think makes up a good profile pic and what have you seen out there that doesn't make for a good profile pic. Please share your thoughts below.

Colours & Events

This week I got a little bit starstruck! 

Whilst grabbing my usual morning coffee - normally a time I'm plugged into my headphones, thinking about my to do list for the day ahead - I looked up and noticed in the queue in front of me was colour journalist and blogger Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar.  So yes, ok, he might not be what the wider world would consider celebrity however I've been following Will's blog, twitter and instagram feed for a while now. I also bought Will's book earlier this year so getting the opportunity to meet him in real life was quite exciting and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to say hello.

During our brief interaction I mentioned that I worked in events and later that day whilst thinking about Will's line of work I started thinking about the use of colour at events.

Very often when planning an event and in particular when choosing venues we think about cost, location and catering options. However, part of our consideration when deciding on where to hold our event should be the venues style and choice of colour palette.

Different colour tones affect people in different ways. They reach into our subconscious and can induce a specific mood or feeling. Are the colours your guests and delegates going to be surrounded by going to create the right effect or will they be conflicting with your events content and purpose?

First Impressions

These count for so much as we all know when it comes to important life moments such as interviews or first dates. So the same can be said about your venues colour palette. When you walk into a venue for the first time what was your first impression? Is this the right one for your delegates or event?

Frame Of Mind

As said earlier different colours create different feelings and moods in people. Reds are very passionate, green can calming. When looking at a potential events space what kind of mood are the colours used in that space creating. Will this mood compliment the tone of your event? Will it put your delegates in the right frame of mind? The colours of a room might only affect us on a subconscious level however if you get it wrong this can damage the overall experience and outcome of your event.

Keeping On Brand

If you can find that perfect venue that ticks all the boxes for your event and on top of this the colours and style of this venue fits with your brand then go for it. Finding somewhere like this can do great things for your brand, complimenting what you do really well and instilling into the minds of your clients your company/service. However, never compromise on the basic elements of a venue just because the colours match your brand.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Lastly allow the colours and style of your venue to give your event the wow factor. Let them embed into your attendees memory the event experience. Conferences of old were stuffy and unstimulating in a bland environment because we didn't want them to distract from the content being delivered. Now I'm not saying ignore venues who have a monotone style of decor as this can be as visually interesting as well. Just don't be afraid of going somewhere with bright bold colours and hues. 

Over to you...

What events have you attended recently that stood out colour wise to you? What venues have you visit that have made you think "wow" as soon as you walk in. I would love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments below.

Lastly, it was a great pleasure meeting Will and if you are looking for colour inspiration then I would highly recommend subscribing to Bright.Bazaar and endeavouring to bring more colour to your life, work and to your events.