Event Management

What Does Your Registration Area Say About Your Event?

As you have probably heard, it only takes 3 seconds to make a good first impression and for someone to form an opinion.

But this doesn't just apply to opinions of another person, this is also the same for other things. A first impression of a home, a business, a hotel and of course your events...

Multiple Phone Chargers For Multiple Phones

During my events I like to tweet, post photos and share content on my social media channels. However as a result of this my phones battery runs out very quickly. Which is why my phone charger isn't ever very far away.

As an events manager though I am always thinking about my audience as well. If one of my delegates phones run out of juice then this might effect their overall event experience. Particularly if they also like to live tweet/update/post whilst at an event.

So with all this in mind a decided to get myself together a small collection of phone chargers for different types of phones, in case any of my attendees, guests or speakers needs to borrow one. It means they don't need to worry about saving any power for later AND more importantly for me they can continue to send out content from my event to their followers.

It's something so small and simple and yet it can make a big difference for your guests overall event experience.