5 Reasons Why You Need An Events Manager In 2018

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Do you know what question I hear the most?

"Why do I need an events manager?"

This is then usually followed up with..."It's just an event, I can do it myself."

Big or small, events are fantastic for businesses to meet their audience and connect with their clients. If you're a service based organisation they can often be the only face-to-face interaction between supplier and client.

It's the in-person interaction that people want, it strengthens relationships and builds trust.

So why should you invest the money to allow an events manager like me to plan and run your event for you? Here are my 5 reasons why.

Keep Calm and Hire An Events Manager

Events are fun! Yes that's true, however, the planning process can be a stressful one. Forbes have said Event Coordinating was the 5th most stressful job in 2017.

At your own event you don't want to be running around worrying about things. You want to be enjoying the event. Why? If your guests and attendees see you enjoying it then they will enjoy it a lot more too.

Allow an events manager like me to take all the stress away.

I can look after of all the planning and logistics for your event. Freeing you of this task means you can concentrate on your 'day-job' and on day of the event you have more time to be with your guests, without distractions. This will give you that valuable face-to-face time.

Time Flies

We'd all love more time, wouldn't we? More time in the day to finish off that to-do list, more time outside of work to relax and recharge.

Events managers can do just that, give you more time. More time to do the things you need to do, more time to do what you do best.

We can save you time as well.

Our connections in the industry are vast so we don't have to spend lots of time researching and looking for suppliers. Chances are we know the best in the business already, if we don't then we will know someone who does.

Knowledge Is Power

Experience and the knowledge that comes with that experience is very powerful. Events managers always come with a small army of suppliers and contacts within the industry.

A client of mine likes to refer to this as my "little black book of events".

Using this network and experience is where great value can come from working with an events manager. We know how to get the best deals. We know the lingo so you aren't baffled by the language used in the events world. Most importantly, from very early on we can identify any potential problems in the process and will have ways to avoid them.

Stay On Budget

Events managers are great at working within a budget. You give us a figure and we can stick to it. Where possible we will deliver an event that comes in under budget. In the earlier stages of planning we can identify if your event ideas are possible within your set budget. If not, we can also find a suitable alternative without compromising your vision.

We can secure the best value for money from suppliers. 

Our good relationships with our suppliers will ensure you will get a fabulous event for the best price.

Last But By No Means Least

If you want to hold a wow factor event that is a success ensure you budget for an events manager like me who can work with you to deliver your dream.

Our skills and expertise in this area will be invaluable. The investment will save your stress, give you back more time to do the things you enjoy and in the long term will save you money.

This is what one of my clients said after I managed an event for them.

"Wil makes event management easy and I have no reservation in placing every ounce of trust and faith in him for an important project, which, due to the already problematic stresses of putting on an event, can be a god send."

For more information on how we can work together in 2018 and how I can add value to your events please get in touch or visit my Events Management page here.