Styling a Sizzling Summer Soirée

Have you sorted your company summer party yet?

Studies show that 70% of employees work harder if their efforts are appreciated. Summer parties are a perfect way for companies to say thank you.

I've been planning lots of summer events and parties for both corporate and private clients and here are some of my top ideas for styling a sizzling summer soirée. 

Prosecco, Pimm's or Piña Coladas

It's the summer, it's hot, your guests arrive at your event and they are thirsty. Treat them to a cool, refreshing cocktail on arrival as an immediate thank you for coming. We've been drinking Prosecco, Pimm's and Pina Coladas for years.

How about doing something unique? Design your own cocktail.

Speak to your venue's cocktail specialist and work with them to create a beautiful bespoke cocktail exclusive for your event.  You can get your team involved. Ask them for ideas for the drinks. This kind of team input is a great way to get your company involved and invested in the event. When designing the drink ask yourself, how does it relate to your company? 

What kind of cocktail best represents your brand? Is it fruity and fun, or maybe cool and sophisticated? Create the perfect mix.

Putting some thought into creating unique elements of your event will make it more memorable for your team.

Food Glorious Food

Chefs at venues love to get creative, this provides you with the perfect opportunity for creating a tailor made menu to complement your chosen cocktails for an unforgettable evening.

The Power of Your Events Manager

People often ask me why they need an events manager involved in this process. The answer is always simple.

Bringing in me to project manage your event will save you time and money. 

Ask me to find you the perfect venue. The types of venues available these days is incredible.

When I’ve found you that perfect venue I'll work closely with them to manage all the elements of your event. My job, amongst many other things is to explore all the possibilities with your venue on your behalf. A good events manager will be able to think outside of the box and create a truly exceptional experience for you and your guests.

One last very important point. You need to enjoy your event.

Too many times I’ve seen people frantically running round their own event when they should be mixing with their guests and being the host. With me looking after your venue, guest list and entertainment you can relax and enjoy your event a much as your team, guests or clients.

Get in touch if you want to chat about ideas for creating that perfect summer soirée.