My Top 9 Tips For Perfecting Your Periscope

Last Friday was an exciting day for me. After weeks of watching other 'scopers', listening to what they had to say and gearing myself up for it to Periscope for the first time….popped my peri-cherry!

God it was fun!

But first let's rewind…back in July I talked about the new trend in the social media world, Periscope. Talking about how it could be used for EventsProfs. However, at that time I had only used Periscope in a very basic way, by broadcasting a clients event (via their profile) on the Periscope platform. This was boring but it gave me the ideas that I shared in the previous blog post.

Fast forward a bit…for a couple of weeks I watched a few people on the platform, observed what they were doing and saying. The scopes that I was watching were all like live webinars, people sharing advice and information to their viewers and this got me thinking…I want to do this!

So after sometime thinking about it and planning what I was going to say I hit that broadcast button and went live. I loved the experience, which is weird as I am normally petrified of public speaking, but after finishing I was buzzing with adrenalin and couldn't wait to do another one!

Now watching back I made a few rookie errors whilst broadcasting, these mistakes I will learn from. But for now I want to share with you might top nine tips for doing your own Periscope...

1. Planning & Preparation

Like with any public speaking occasion, think about what you are going to say. Plan it out and ask yourself what is the point of this broadcast. Is it to educate, to share information, to promote yourself or just have some fun online with your followers. By constantly having in your mind the purpose of the broadcast you will have focus and be able to deliver the better content. Practice what you are going to say before hand and make notes which you can use during the scope.

2. Promote Your Periscope

Get out onto all your social media channels and tell people what you are going to do. Tell them when your going to do it and share your Periscope name so they can find you on the App. If you can share the specific time you're going live then great but if you don't want to lock yourself down just tell them to be ready to tune in when they receive the notification.

3. Your Headline

Like any presentation, blog post or news item think of a title that's going to grab peoples attention. Use key words or #hashtags that people will be serching for on social media channels. Periscope links automatically to yours and your viewers twitter accounts, when you go live or they share the broadcast these key words are really important.

4. Your 'Script'

Before you 'go live' you should have practiced what you are going to say in your planning and preparation. Use this time to create a script or bullet point list of what you want to talk about. Don't read directly from it as this will make for a very dull scope but have it near so you can glance at it every now and again during the broadcast so you keep on track.

5. Time Yourself

Like the bullet point list this will keep you on track and prevent yourself from waffling. Most scopes that I have watch have been between 5-15 min long. Try and keep yourself to within this time limit. Your viewers might not have a lot of time and remember they are taking precious time out of their busy schedule to watch so don't take up too much of their time.

6. Distractions

What I wasn't prepared for was the overwhelmingness of the viewers and comments that appear on your screen whilst scoping. Whilst it was amazing seeing people join in the scope and commenting you feel the need to acknowledge everyone and everything happening on the screen. First tip, try not to get distracted by them, if you try and respond to them all you will quickly go off subject. However don't ignore them completely. People have taken time out to tune in so respond when appropriate and thank them for joining you.

7. Summerise Your Content

Not all of your viewers will have been tuned in from the beginning and so it's a good idea to keep recapping what you have been saying. Use your bullet points that you are following to help you do this.

8. Your Elevator Pitch

Don't forget to tell eveyone at the beginning and the end who you are, what you do and how you might be able to help them off line. Like any social media channel used well this should be used to drive traffic to your website. Spell out the URL if needed at the end. Don't forget to tell them where else they can find you online such as Linked In, Facebook, Instagram etc.

9. Following, Sharing & Hearts

At moments throughout the scope thank people for tuning in. Ask them to follow your Periscope profile, this way they won't miss a future broadcast. Ask them to share the broadcast with their followers on Twitter. Lastly ask them to 'tap for hearts'  by tapping their screen during your scope. Hearts are like 'likes'. As well as showing you the love for what your talking about they also authenticate you as a good Periscoper. When people view your profile (when your not live) they will see the number of 'hearts' you've received and if you have a lot they will be more inclined to follow you.

Over to you...

So there you have my top 9 tips for perfecting periscope. I hope this might have encouraged you to think about Periscoping yourself. Despite being incredibly nervous it was an absolute blast for me and I can't wait to scope again.

If you have already tried it out please share your top tips below in the comments...