365 Days Later...

Today marks one year since I resigned from full time employment.  First things first…WOW…what year and how quickly did that go by? Secondly, now is the time to look back, reflect on all that's happened, learn from it and plan for the future.

Thinking back I remember the day I resigned so vividly. The fear, the excitement, the adrenalin running through me. I was full of emotion, I had doubts and so many questions about the future. I believe, like anyone deciding to branch out on their own, the biggest thing standing in your way is the fear of it not working, of failure, or letting myself down and everyone laughing at me. However as others had been saying to me in the run up to that day if I had never believed in myself I would have succombed to the fear and I wouldn't so happy right now.

The time was right, after weeks and months of thinking about it the time had come and it was now or never.

The relief I felt right after…WHOOSH…like a massive cloud over my head had finally moved on and the fear turning into exitement of what could be achieved.

Support And Encouragement 

When told people what I was doing everyone was full of support, not one person took a sharp intake of breath or told me what I was doing was foolish. From others who had done it before there was also tonnes of advice that I couldn't have managed the past year without. 


If on that day last August you had told me some of the things that I would have done or am working on I would have never have believed you. I have worked with some great people and done some amazing things. Projects such as managing the annual dinner and lecture in Banqueting House (pictured) for The Thomas Frederick Willetts Foundation or working with the team at The Unsigned Music Awards on the first televised awards ceremony for unsigned music artists next February. When I went into this I believed that I would mainly be working on corporate events as per my background however the opportunities and diversity of the events that have come my way have been astounding.

So, what's next?

Like any good busiess I am going to take a moment to reflect on the year that's just been and evaluate all that I have done, all that worked and all that didn't work. Oh yes…It's not always been easy. It's been long hours or 7 day weeks and there have been more than few sleepless nights. 

A time for reflection is called for. As I say not only to look back on the successes and failures but also look to the future and make the foundations to take Wil Watts . Events to the next level.

Thank you's

I would be lieing if I said I could have done what I did on my own. The support and encouragement from family and friends has been incredible. Big shout outs have to go to the following who have been fundamental in getting me through the past year. Seminars@thirtyeight and the team at 38 Devonshire Street. My BNI Holborn members for the support network they've provided. Emma and Deon of Pitch Perfect Club for their continued encouragement, advice and support. Lastly Jo James of Amberlife, a constant presence in my first year, always there with help, advice and a cocktail!

I couldn't have done this without you all.

Over to you...

Take a moment over these summer months to reflect on your businesses or projects. Tell me what has worked, what's not but more importantly what you have learnt from these moments, what can you do to make things better for the next year or next time.