Periscope - 3 ways to use live broadcasts to enhance your event experience


It's the new kid on the social media block that everyone is talking about. But what is Periscope and how can event planners use it to boost their events.

what is periscope?

In it's most basic form Periscope is a live video streaming app. It allows it's users to broadcast themselves - from their mobile devices - live to the wider world. Whatever you are doing wherever you are as long as you have a good internet or 4G connection you can stream.

What's the difference between this and other video services such as Youtube or Vine?

It's live, it's un-edited and once it's out there you can't change it.

Broadcasts are are streamed there and then and then remain online called 'recent broadcasts' to be viewed for up to 24 hours following the live stream.

so what has this to do with events?

Like other social media trends at first I really wasn't sure what the point was and when I first 'tuned in' to a broadcast I saw people chatting about random things, or videoing themselves walking along the street, or in a darkened bar…all of which didn't make for very interesting viewing. But then I found people I follow on other social media channels and gradually started to find content that was of interest to me.

Whilst watching various broadcasts I got to thinking about the world of events and how event planners and managers could use this new platform to enhance their event experience and increase the exposure of their event. These are just a few of the things I came up with...

live broadcast

Probably the simplist and most obvious way Periscope could be used for events is to broadcast the event itself live. Sitting in the audience, with a good view of your speakers and presenters just hit that button and stream whats happening live to the world.

It's the simplist of uses as I said and like all social media tools takes your event out of the physical space and gives it the potential to have a global audience.

But what if you were to think a bit more outside of the box. 

behind the scenes

People love seeing a sneak peak of the inner workings of things. Like when you watch a "making of" documentary of your favourite film. Seeing the people behind the planning, watching the event being set up and take shape and also getting to know you as the events organiser, not just when your front of house and meeting and greeting them at the door. This is a great way to bridge the gap between your event and your audience and allowing them to come into your world builds a stronger relationship between yourself as the events planner and your audience.

If there is lots of elements to your event and lots of people behind the scenes then hit that button and take your viewers on a tour. Take them into the catering to see the food being prepared, chat to your florists as they set the table decorations. Give everyone a back stage pass to your event. You will find more interaction and more engagement with this than just broadcasting your event as it happens.

extra content

People are always looking for more. So with the help of Periscope when not give them more. As well as doing the 'behind the scenes tour' arrange times with your speakers and guests to meet with them and chat to them. Broadcast mini interviews asking them about what they will be presenting about at your event. Meet up with them after and get extra nuggets of information that they might not have talked about whilst on stage.

All this extra content adds more value to your event and again opens up it's exposure to a much wider audience.

over to you...

Firstly get on the Periscope App and just see what it's about for a while. I've had it for a month just following people and seeing what they were doing before I started broadcasting myself.

Then when you're ready to "go live" go for it. However, as I said about think outside the box and think about how you can use it in a different way. 

If you can think of other ways you would already use Periscope I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

You can find me on Periscope by searching for @WilWatts. See you when we're next 'on air'!