The Unsigned Music Awards Launch Party - June 2015


Last week I had the pleasure of managing the launch party of The Unsigned Music Awards held at The Borderline, Soho London.

The Unsigned Music Awards (or The UMAs) to put it very simply is a celebration music by unsigned artists. As the founder and CEO of The UMAs Simon O'Kelly says...

It's now fasionable to be unsigned, where once, it was heavily stigmatised; and thanks to that, it's now possible to make a career in music whilst unsigned, where once, quite frankly, it wasn't.

The UMAs Launch Party and 7Sessions Gigs ultimately are ultimately leading up to the big event in February 2016. The first televised awards ceremony for unsigned artists. Move over the Brits and the Grammys...The UMAs have arrived.

My involvement...

I was introduced to the team back in January with the brief of finding a venue for a drinks reception for a launch of a new music app. After doing some venue research and going backwards and forwards with ideas we decided on a venue. I first met the team during a venue site visit which was my first introduction to The UMAs which the event had now changed into from just the launch of the app. Following lots of discussion at this meeting the we discoved that there was a lot more that I could bring to The UMAs as an events manager and my role grew from there.

This project is extremely exciting for me as it has opened up a whole new world of events, clients and contacts. Not to mention being part of an event that will ultimately be broadcast the UK and then globally online.

Working with the team has been a lot of fun and the launch party was a fantastic night. Guests, potential sponsors, press and media left the venue all buzzing about The UMAs and it was extremely exciting to be a part of that experience.

Click on the photo below to see more photos from the event. For more information about The Unsigned Music Awards go visit their website and if you yourself are an artist, singer/songwriter or part of a band don't forget to nominate yourself when you visit the site.

Photos courtesy of Brendan Waterman Photography