Is It Too Early To Mention The C Word!?!

That's right folks, like it or not, the time has come for you to start thinking about Christmas.

"WHAT!?!"...I hear you scream…"It's only June!"

It may only be June but event managers like myself have been receiving emails from our favourite venues recently detailing their many offers and themes all to get us thinking about the festive period.

It might seem TOO early just yet but there't lots of reasons to start planning your office or teams Christmas party as soon as possible.

Save The Date

Christmas is a notoriusly busy time of year. No suprise there.

In the run up to the end of year most of us are burning the festive candel at both ends. Firming up our end of year sales and contracts, trying to grab a bargain on the high street (personally online shopping is the way forward) or we're booked up with personal engagements and invitations to other events.

Get your date in your teams diaries as soon as you can so you don't get a low turn out for event

Missing Out On THAT Venue

By contacting your chosen venue as soon as possible then you will have the biggest selection of dates to choose from. There is a reason venues and restaurants advertise their Christmas packages so early. All the best spaces and best dates get booked up really quickly.

Thursday is historically the most popular evening for office Christmas parties and this year there are technically only three available Thursdays (not including Christmas Eve) for you to book your event on.

As they say the early bird catches the worm.

Now Is The Time To Act

If you haven't thought about what you will be doing this year then don't panic, just do the following:

  1. Get a date in your diary
  2. Message all your team with the date and ensure they have it in their diaries
  3. Have a think about what you want to do
  4. Start contacting a few venues/companies for prices and availability

If you get stuck with numbers 3 & 4 then don't hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to come up with a few ideas for things to do for you and/or find that perfect venue for your event.

Big or small team there are lots of ideas and activities that cater for all sized groups and I am sure between us we can design the perfect event for you and your team.