Save The Date - Why Choosing A Date For Your Event Is So Important

When people or businesses come to me looking for help with their event one of the first questions I ask them is...

"When is the date of your event?"

You would be surprised how many people look at me blankly.

Of course if they have only just started thinking about doing this event, or if it's just paper ideas at the moment then you can forgive them for not locking the date of their at this early stage. However, it's extremely important to start thinking about getting that date in your diary for multiple reasons.

With these three being the most important.

Goal setting

Getting a date in your diary is important for planning your event. You and your team have a date to work towards, a deadline as it were or end point where everything that you have planned will come together. Once you have this goal in your mind you can set mini-goals for when certain tasks or jobs need to be completed by such as, when your first invitation needs to be sent out or when you need to confirm your venue. Setting these goals and ticking off tasks on to-do lists by their deadline keep you in check and also give you the sense of achievement and taking you one step towards the bigger goal of your event itself. This can be a powerful motivator for you and your team.

venue finding

When you have a date in mind and you start looking for a suitable venue one of the first things any venue will ask you is the planned date of your event. Having a date for your event allows your venue to a) check availability and b) provide you with a more precise cost.

The costs of venue varies from not only time of year but also day of the week. For social venues such as night clubs, bars and members clubs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays will be more expensive than earlier on in the week. For hotel conference rooms though Monday's and Friday's tend to be cheaper than in the middle of the week.

Knowing the date will make it easier to not only find the perfect venue but will help with your event budget as well.

your guests availability

Lastly, but by no means least, probably the most important reason why you need to set the date is so your guests can get it into their diary's and confirm their availability as soon as they can. Your guests are very busy people and their diaries will fill up very quickly. Getting the best location, guest speaker or entertainment is very important but will mean nothing if you don't have anyone there to enjoy your event. As soon as you can lock down the date and get it out to the wider world, even if you don't have a venue or other elements of your event confirmed, get the date in their diaries and get them excited about attending.


Next time you're planning an event try 'save the date' in your planning as soon as possible. This will make your life so much easier in the long run and will make planning that upcoming event just that little bit less stressful.

over to you...

What other reasons are there for securing that date as soon as you can. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share them in the comments below.