3 Simple Ways Event Managers Can Boost Their Engagement On Twitter


 As an events manager I firmly believe that one of the biggest tools in your social media arsenal is twitter. I could spend ages telling you why it's fantastic the events industry however that's another story (aka another blog post). What this post is for is to explain three - yes only three - simple things that you can do to your profile which will boost your engagement on twitter. And they will only take 10 minutes to do...bonus!

When twitter was first created what it was used for mostly was to tell followers where you were or what you were doing. This is probably where the infamous "I'm having a cup of tea" tweet came from. Since then twitter has become a networking tool, a real time search engine and a very powerful marketing tool for businesses. You must remember though that twitter isn't only for telling people what your business does but more importantly to engage with people interested in your product or service. Its about conversations not campaigns.

If you do the three things detailed below then your level of interaction is going to increase...and you won't even need to send a tweet!

1. Be A Face Not A Logo

Twitter for businesses is all about building relationships with your followers so that they trust. Followers like to see who they are talking to, they like to know there is a real person behind the tweets. So if you stay as an egg or even a company logo you are creating a barrier between you and your followers. Change the profile pic to your face or team.

2. Complete Your Profile Biog

Similar to the logo vs face profile pic your followers want to know about the person behind the tweets so take a moment to complete your twitter biog. Like the tweets themselves they are only 144 characters so you don't have to write much. Tell people about yourself or your business and if you can get a bit of personality into it.

3. Add Your Location And Website Address

This is an obvious one but one most people miss. When completing you biography don't forget to include your location and your web URL. There are specific places for this information so you don't use up characters in your biog. If you don't include this you are telling everyone about yourself but not where you are!

Complete these three simple things and start to become a twitter feed that people will engage with as followers will see you as a person not just profile. With more integration you will get more interaction with your events.